Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is one of the newest additions in marketingland. This new Facebook advertising platform offers three possibilities: photo-advertisement, carrousel-advertisement (in which you can swipe multiple pictures), and video advertisements. Expand the brand awareness of your company, get more followers and promote new and exisiting products and services with this marketing innovation.

Already have an advertising account for Facebook? Good! This means you won’t have to create a new account. Advertising on Instagram can be done through your Facebook ad account.

Powerful segmentation possibilities

When Facebook took over Instagram, it opened many doors for segmentation. Instagram offers, next to the powerful segmentation possibilities of Facebook, another nice way to reach people on their mobiles with visual full-screen advertisements.

Face little competition, keep the costs low

When advertising on Instagram, you won’t face the fierce competition that you have when working with AdWords or Facebook. If you are willing to start with advertising on Instagram today, you profit from low costs. You face little competition and this will definitely give you a head start.

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