Email Marketing

Stay on top of your already existing client base. Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways of reaching and maintaining relationships with your customers.

Our partner Hellodialog makes sure you won’t waste any time on useless tasks and trying to reinvent the wheel.

The user-friendly software enables you to create news letters effortlessly. Even without any HTML knowledge you can simply drag and drop your email template into the design you like.

Before the newsletter will be send, the software will take you through various steps to optimise your email campaign. This is to make sure that you won’t forget any essential elements in your newsletter. For example the loading time of your images, the right dat and time for sending, the subject line and the opt-out.

Email Marketing Targeting
With the Email Marketing software you can segment as much as you like by applying specific filters. By targeting your receivers on their age, gender or place of residence you prevent targeting an audience that doesn’t apply and you make sure to effectively reach your target group.

Marketing automation also makes it possible to send emails based on specific moments that occur annually, daily or any other moment. For example, birthday emails or reactivation emails for inactive customers.

Responsive Email Marketing
You don’t need to worry about how your emails will be displayed on each seperate mobile device: our newsletters are automatically optimized for each and every single device.

After you’ve send your emails, the results will come to you. The Email Marketing software clarifies the specific results in a way you can easily understand. Based on the results of your previous campagins, the software also provides you with multiple points of improvement for your next campaign.

All required features for email marketing

• Create, send & analyze newsletters;
• Automatically responsive display on mobile, tablet and desktop;
• Enrich your customer insights using A/B testing, e-commerce tracking & time optimizer;

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