Display Advertising

Making sure your brand is top-of-mind with internet users is quite a challenge. Using Display Advertising, you’ll make sure to appear on the screens of many of your potential customers with self-designed static or animated banner ads.

Whether you’ll effectively reach your target audience depends on your targeting settings, prominence and frequency of your displayed ads.

Display Advertising in the Google Display Network

By utilising several networks we’re able to reach your potential customers all over the internet. Whenever they are browsing another website, we’ll be able to reach them based on placed cookies (retargeting), keywords used on the pages, subjects of the site, demographics of the user or geographical markers.

Making sure we have the ideal combination of those targeting options guarantees a higher success rate.


As mentioned before Retargeting is one of the targeting methods. Retargeting means you serve ads to people that have visited your site before. Retargeting people that have or have not done a specific action on your site is a lot more effective. Imagine, only targeting your visitors that have started your checkout process, but haven’t actually finished the process.

We’ll help you with setting up the best strategy and reach the right audience for your campaign and goals with:

  • Text ads;
  • Banner ads;
  • Interactive banner ads;
  • Video ads.

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