RTB or real time bidding is the newest trend in advertising. In the world of display advertising, this means that an advertiser bids in realtime for an advertising spot. Where the price used to be set in advance, nowadays this happens live. When using RTB correctly, the advertiser will produce a bigger return, because you can select your target audience in a way, that’s better than before.

Advantages of RTB

  • Through RTB, an advertiser can choose to show a display/banner on a laptop, iPad, or mobile phone of his or her target audience.
  • By reaching out to your target audience more efficiently and more effectively, the costs per sale will decrease.

By using RTB, we can make sure your target audience will be reached out to more effectively, by:

  • Creating banners;
  • Setting up and optimizing RTB campaigns;
  • Reporting, explaining and consultation.

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